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About Richard Hagan

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Richard's Life


Every human is a genius, Einstein said.  Richard’s journey to realise his neurodivergent personality, was that catalyst to realise his own beliefs, able to action with certainty.


Born in Burnley, Lancashire 12th April 1970 when Global Carbon dioxide levels were 325, now 418 ppm and rising rapidly.

Nov 09, 2017


Schools, Rosehill Primary school Burnley, secondary school Calder High school then Burnley college studying all three sciences gaining 11 GGSE’s 3 A levels. Studied at Manchester’s Metropolitan University Food Manufacture, achieving a upper second class honours degree and sponsorship for a Phd to research vegetable margarines.

Nov 09, 2017

Early Life

Life skills learning began at birth, unwilling to socialize with people, borderline autistic engrossed in his own world playing alone or with nature. Faced with a dramatic trauma aged 15, due to undiagnosed severe spine pain. Following his GC’s Immediate admitted to hospital for four weeks for diagnosis that was inconclusive until his spine operation to investigate and hope he may walk again.

Traumatized from his GCSE experience, his A level exams to then study Dentistry, were predicted to achieve grade B across all subjects. However, during exams, emotionally distressed, failed to gain the grades to be accepted for any of his five offers. Now facing a career change, choosing his degree through clearance to study Food manufacture.

At University in his final year began to show symptoms of psoriasis, which just before final exams was so sever, again following was hospitalisation for two weeks to recover. Now facing the reality that his career opportunities in the food industry with a high bacteria skin condition, was forced to reconsider his future.

So 2015, knew he could catapult in crisis.

Nov 09, 2017


Awards 2022 awarded Richard to be crowned UK’s Individual business leader. King Charles at the Kings award ceremony 2021 visited Richard first of the 650 winners.
“How have you achieved so much Richard”




Personal carbon footprint

Richard’s believes everyone, rich or poor can achieve a carbon neutral lifestyle. Offering his 4 tons personal emissions as proof, several times also offset.