Rochdale By-Election 2024 and Richard’s point of view

In an article published by Rochdale Online, Richard says:

“I want to vote for someone who will selflessly build on Sir Tony Lloyd’s legacy and that is why I’m backing Mark. Like Tony, Mark is in service to our community and stands against all forms of oppression and corruption. Like Tony, Mark knows that the biggest challenge we face is the climate emergency and the cost of living crisis it’s causing.

“Mark will not have to obey the party whip or do the bidding of rich corporate donors. He will be free to speak truth to power.

“Who else do you know who has been to prison for trying to get the government to do the right thing? Mark went to prison for trying to get our homes insulated so that our energy bills are affordable and thousands won’t die in cold, damp homes each winter. He understands that home insulation is the first step to ending fuel poverty and cutting carbon emissions. He leads, he cares, he is unafraid and he is bold. We need change and Mark is the person for the job.”

Professor Bill McGuire, Volcanologist, climate scientist, writer, broadcaster, activist, socialist, best-selling author of Hot House Earth: an inhabitants guide (Tweet, 4/2/24)

“If you live in Rochdale, care about the world your kids and their kids will inherit, and are sick of Labour’s backtracking on climate, then you know where to put your cross.”

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