“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.”

In my journey, I’ve come to embrace a profound philosophy that revolves around the interconnectedness of energy and reality. It may seem like a grand idea, but in truth, it’s remarkably simple. I firmly believe that as individuals, we shape the realities we experience each day. We possess the power to manifest the world we wish to see, driven by the energy we put out into the universe.

Sometimes, fate smiles upon us, and we encounter like-minded souls, resonating on the same frequency. In those moments, something extraordinary happens—the very fabric of our perceived reality transforms. As our energies intertwine, together we can create a new, shared reality—one that holds the potential to be even more hopeful, compassionate, and impactful.

You might wonder why I speak about reality in such a relative manner. The answer lies in my unwavering belief that everything around us, from the tiniest particles to the vast expanses of the cosmos, is comprised of energy. Be it the dance of atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, or the yet-to-be-discovered matter—call it by any name—I perceive this energy as akin to the unique aura that surrounds each individual.

In light of this profound understanding, I’ve embarked on a mission to seek out individuals with kindred energies, souls eager to unite their purpose and passion for the greater good. Together, we can unleash a force for positive change that extends far beyond ourselves. By fostering connections with those who share a similar vision, we unlock the potential to channel our collective energy into endeavours that leave a lasting, benevolent impact on the world we inhabit.

My philosophy is simple – shared energy creates. Alone we only dream; together we achieve. I believe in the power of community to drive progress, and I seek to build communities of purpose.

How changing my reality saved my business from the brink.

Seven years ago, Crystal Doors, my cherished business, teetered on the precipice of collapse. A critical investment project hinged on obtaining planning permission, but our proposal was rejected on environmental grounds, leaving me grappling for solutions. 

My energy waned, reaching its lowest ebb, as I encountered one seemingly insurmountable dead-end after another. The weight of the situation bore heavily on my shoulders, and the prospect of certain doom loomed large. 

It may sound theatrical, but when you’ve poured your heart and soul into building a business from scratch, the odds truly feel immeasurably high.

Amidst this disheartening struggle, I embarked on a transformative journey—an inner shift in my perception of reality. In altering my energy and contemplating challenges from an entirely different vantage point, a new outcome revealed itself. I found solace in the idea that changing our perspective could be the catalyst for change itself.

Seeking aid from those who radiated the right energy, I connected with the GC Business Growth Hub, whose environmental business advisors offered a 26-point action plan to resuscitate Crystal Doors. For the first time, I delved into the intricacies of our carbon footprint and grasped the urgency of climate and nature emergencies. These newfound insights ignited a deeper sense of purpose within me.

From that pivotal moment, my unwavering focus shifted to making Crystal Doors the epitome of environmental sustainability—a business dedicated to benefiting both people and the planet, not solely profit-driven. Step by step, day by day, I nurtured a transformation that embraced innovation and collaboration as key cornerstones of our enterprise.

As I realigned my vision, the once-broken fragments of my business found healing. My thoughts were no longer shackled by a fixation on shortcomings but fuelled by the good we could accomplish. This shift in mindset garnered extraordinary recognition. In 2021, we proudly received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development—a rare accolade that marked Crystal Doors as the first Rochdale business to achieve this distinction. Furthermore, in 2022, I was deeply honoured to be recognised as Edie’s Business Leader of the Year—an acknowledgement of the strides made in our journey toward sustainability.

These transformations also opened doors to join the esteemed ranks of the IoD’s National Sustainability Taskforce and Insider’s pioneering Green Power List. Such accolades and opportunities stand as a testament to the profound truth that matching the frequency of the reality we desire is a powerful catalyst for achieving that very reality.

The energy you put out has both negative and positive impact.

In my relentless pursuit to save my business and reshape my perspective on our role as inhabitants of planet Earth, I’ve experienced a remarkable and heartening phenomenon. Along this transformative journey, I’ve encountered individuals whose energies align with mine—a powerful meeting of minds and souls bound by a shared commitment to positive change. 

Through meaningful conversations with these like-minded individuals, my outlook on life and its impact on others and the environment has undergone a profound shift, empowering me to strive for continuous improvement.

Born in 1970, I’ve witnessed the vast scale of damage inflicted upon our precious planet. It’s an undeniable truth that the consequences of our actions have been monumental in their impact. Recently, the UK recorded its hottest day ever (July 19th, 2022), with temperatures reaching a scorching 41°C in certain regions. The alarming events of that day served as a stark wake-up call for some, a revelation of the harsh realities we’ve wrought upon our world. The sight of our capital city witnessing a surge in emergency calls to address fires, children suffering from heat strokes and being unable to attend school, and our rivers dwindling to mere remnants of their former selves—these occurrences may have surprised some, but for many, including myself, they were manifestations of the devastating path we’ve been heading down for far too long.

However, we are not resigned to being mere observers of a grim fate. Instead, we are driven to effect meaningful change. It is our collective desire to take action—to do something tangible and impactful, altering the course we’re on for the betterment of all. We should stand united, not seeking validation for our concerns, but with an unwavering resolve to be the catalysts for transformation. We are determined to be the change we wish to witness in the world. 

Through collaboration, awareness, and unwavering determination, we can pave the way towards a sustainable future—one in which our children and future generations can thrive in harmony with the natural world. The time for change is now, and with collective effort, we can make a lasting difference for our Earth and all who call it home.

Matching frequencies to enable positive change.

If you’ve taken the time to understand my journey, then our energies may resonate in harmony. 

My goal is to put our collective energy to good use. If you seek a thought-provoking speaker to inspire sustainable business practices, I’m eager to contribute. If you feel compelled to act against environmental destruction but aren’t sure where to start, let’s explore solutions.

The challenges ahead are too great for anyone to tackle alone. But by combining our passions and skills, we can manifest the change we wish to see. My door is open – let’s connect, share ideas, and discover how our complementary energies can enable good. Progress requires working together across perspectives, industries and backgrounds.

I’m listening intently for new voices of hope, innovation and action. Whatever your ask, however, you envision contributing, I’m interested to learn more. The future awaits our collaborative spirit.


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