Richard Hagan – Judge of The Good Small Business Awards 2024

The UK’s first national business sustainability awards exclusively for small businesses

We celebrate the work of small businesses doing the right things for people and the planet – sometimes in small but highly effective ways.

Meet the Judges :

These businesses move the needle, helping us transform the economy into a more just and fair economy – one that is fit for the future. We celebrate their work and their impact and, through the awards, we’re helping to share their innovative ideas, stories and best practice. We hope that small businesses across the country can follow their lead.

What do we mean by ‘good’? Well firstly, we believe in the power of businesses big and small to transform lives and change the world. The way business leaders run their businesses creates impact: good and bad. A good business is one that focuses on the good, understands its impacts and takes conscious and ongoing steps to ensure that not only does it reduce harmful impacts, but that this impact is good – for people, for communities, for the planet. These are organisations that choose to invest profits in creating more positive impacts in the world. This, for us, is the definition of a good business.

Our work aims to build a community of best practices across an annual programme, launching at our first annual awards ceremony in March 2023.

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